Kriya-yoga Retreat • Dec 27, 2019 – Jan 1st, 2020


Kriya-yoga is introduced in Yoga-sutra by Patañjali as a method of bringing a restless mind into meditation. Kriya-yoga has three components, all of them essential:


Tapas, austerity: learning to tolerate the inevitable discomfort and friction, when one learns to replace enjoyment from sensual agitation with quieting of the senses. Janne will teach the application of this principle in the context of asana practice, following a slow yoga approach. Special attention is given to a particular breathing pattern that enables the re-programming of the mind. Another relevant way of practicing tapas is found directly in the various breathing techniques. We will practice breathing techniques designed to induce inner calm.


Svadhyaya, the practice with sacred sound. This has three components: simple mantra meditation; Vedic chanting; and study of sacred texts. We will explore these practices by introducing different techniques of utilising sound in meditation, both quitely, semi-audibly, and audibly. This will be combined with appropriate meditative focus on the sound centres of the body, as well as alignment with breath.

Ishvara Pranidhana

Ishvara pranidhana, surrender to the Supreme. This is the third component of kriya-yoga, that deals with all aspects of the practitioners being. According to Bhagavad-gita, the ignorance that yoga tries to remove is manifested in attachment to the results of one's actions. If one is able to surrender the results to the Supreme, before one acts, there is a possibility of experiencing a liberated state while living in the world. The theory of Ishvara pranidhana will be explained, combined with some easy yet profound practices the participants can bring home from the workshop.

Workshop Program

7-9 Morning practice
9-10.30 Breakfast
10.30-13.00 Theory and Slow yoga as a method for approaching kriya-yoga
13-15 Lunch break
15-18 Theory and Meditative kriya-yoga
18 Dinner
19 Kirtan

Janne will guide the students through a two-hour long daily morning sadhana to prepare the mind for the more detailed studies later on during the day.

Who can participate: The participant need not have advanced skills in asana-practice, but one needs to be prepared to challenge oneself. Controlling the mind is the greatest challenge in human life. Anyone interested in facing that challenge is welcome.

Price: 700€ includes teaching, accommodation and three vegan meals a day.

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