Online Bhaktiyoga Retreat 2020


Join us for a week of yoga, meditation, philosophy and kirtan!


Our bhakti-yoga program contains many practices centring around the sacred sound: silent meditation, japa-meditation with breath integration, philosophy of the sacred texts, and kirtan - devotional mantra singing.

Asana Classes

Slow Yoga: A slow and meditative practice by Janne
Vinyasa: A challenging practice for advanced practitioners by Jani
You can join both types of classes, or the ones you choose.

Meditation Techniques

Jani will guide us into utilising the subtle topography of yoga to deepen our meditation Janne will teach mantra-meditation with breathing techniques designed to still the mind.

Yoga Philosophy

Janne will uncover one of the most intriguing and difficult passages in Upanishads, the middle section of Isha Upanishad. These classes are pre-recorded, followed and accompanied by live discussion. This creates space for questions and answers, respecting the traditional way of knowledge transmission.


The practice of chanting mantras with songs, led by Janne. This will take place live every evening.

Ayurveda Course

Cancelled this summer due to Pandemic. We hope to provide this at a later date.


6-8 AM Slow asana by Janne (video class)
9-12 AM Vinyasa + Meditation by Jani (live)
2-3 PM Isopanishad by Janne (video class)
3-5 PM philosophy + mantra with breath by Janne (live class)
6.30-7.30 PM Kirtan by Janne (live class)

All times are Central European Time (CET), time zone of Stockholm, Sweden. Times for video classes are suggestions, you can watch them any time you like. Live classes are available afterwards if you would miss some of them. The course material will be available for one month after the retreat.


Who Can Participate

Morning yoga classes: Jani's vinyasa classes are suitable for advanced practitioners. Janne's slow yoga is for advanced practitioners interested in a meditative approach. It is also the recommended class if you are relatively new to yoga.

Bhakti-yoga: no previous background is required. If you are interested in meditation and spiritual yoga practice, this may be the program you have been looking for.


Price: 400 €

Online platform: Internet links to live classes and recorded videos will be provided by email to all participants. We use Zoom for live classes, but you can access the classes just by having a good internet connection.

Contact us for questions and registration: almvikyoga (at)